International Students Went into Community to Experience Colorful Han Culture

Quan Xin Community held the traditional culture activities on Aug.27, and the international students who stayed in school during the summer holidays joined into.

At the site of activity, some etiquette teachers who worn Han Chinese clothing introduced the historical evolution, and showed international students some Han Chinese clothing from different dynasties and types. In the interactive experience, international students worn different kinds of Han Chinese clothing, and tried to study traditional etiquette. There was the introduction video in English and Chinese,which arouse the international students interests in some Chinese traditional games, such as Touhu and archery and so on.

Through the cultural experience, international students not only enriched their campus lives in summer holidays, but also deeply experienced the charm of Chinese traditional culture so as to  inspire the students' initiative to learn Chinese language and traditional culture .

Translated by: Zhang Xiaobai

Source: Li Mengyang

Photographer: Yu Mei

Reviewed by: He Bin


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